A look into the world of rotary-wing aircrafts – Helicopter Show 2017

The Helicopter Show organized annually in Hradec Kralove is a rare event that, unlike the classic airshow, is focused mainly on the helicopter industry, service and performance. The 2017 edition of the event took place on 12th and 13th May at Hradec Kralove airport.

More than 15 editions of this uncommon event already proved that the helicopter-focused show could be the interesting spectacle, offering the visitors the great day spent at the airfield with the dynamic displays. During those past years the Helicopter Show was looking for the right formula, as operating such different event was not easy. This was, from the very beginning, not only the pure airshow day, but usually there were varied professional conferences and seminars organized with the show, covering all aspects of helicopter sale and service.

The flying-display-afternoon has just started.


It seems now that the currently existing formula is the right one, and the first day of the event is purely professional, focused on the helicopter rescue service operations and offering seminars and training for the rescue teams, fire and police officers, with the additional events aimed for schools, allowing the children to get to know the work of the rescue services and how to behave in crisis situations.

The second day is the open public airshow and the helicopters are playing the leading role there. This, certainly, doesn´t mean that the other aircrafts are not present at the show – they could also be seen, making the airshow offer more various. During the 2017 Helicopter Show the spectators were able to watch the aerobatics show of Petr Kopfstein, one of two Czech pilots in Red Bull Air Race competition, solo display of JAS-39 Gripen from Czech Air Force, L-29 Delfin display, group flight of Cessna Grand Caravan aircrafts and a few others.

Siegfred Schwarz and Bo 105C.


There is no doubt that the main part of the flying displays was taken by the all kinds of rotorcraft flying machines. The visitors to the Hradec Kralove airfield could follow the amazing aerobatic display of Bo 105C helicopter flown by Siegfred Schwarz from the famous Flying Bulls group, several displays of different civil helicopters and a small, but interesting GyroMotion autogyro – the rotorcraft with homologation for road traffic.

The military helicopters were represented by the Mi-171Sh from the Czech Air Force and W-3WA Sokół from 2nd Search and Rescue Group of the Polish Air Force, both teams performed the search and rescue displays, and especially the Polish one was interesting as flown during the bad weather condition, with strong wind and pouring rain. There were also the flying displays of Mi-2 and Mi-17 helicopters from CLV (Flight Training Centre) in Pardubice.

The crew of Polish Air Force W-3WA Sokół is performing their rainy SAR display.

W-3WA Sokół and the Polish SAR team.


As usual, the display that attracts most visitors of Helicopter Show is the simulation of a multiple vehicle collision, when all rescue services are called to the crash site. The spectators could see the fire, police, ambulance and other rescue teams working together during this complicated rescue task, certainly including several helicopter teams. This simulation is the habitual main display of the Helicopter Show and it is the great example how complicated and difficult is the work of the rescue officers with the multiple car crash, and how much training is needed to deal with such situation.

The rescue teams over the multiple vehicle crash site.

As some vehicles caught fire after the crash, the smoke was significantly limiting the visibility.


Another interesting show was performed by Daniel Tuček – Helicopter Emergency Medical Service pilot and Chairman of DSA company (the main organizer of the Helicopter Show). In the attempt to break the world record he was flying seven different helicopters in the shortest time possible. And he managed it perfectly! The goal was to do this in not more than twenty-one minutes, but Tuček finished it within 17 minutes, setting up the new record.

Even the rain didn´t stopped Daniel Tuček (left) from setting up the new record.


The static display offered the additional possibility to see several general aviation, sport and other airplanes and helicopters. Among them were the aircrafts that used to be a part of the everyday aviation traffic several years ago, but now they are slowly vanishing from the sky: Antonov An-2, Yakovlev Yak-52 or Mil Mi-2.

The storm is coming – Mi-17 from CLV Pardubice.


Unfortunately, the weather was, again, playing its game. The airshow day started with the rather nice weather but lately, in the afternoon, the storm came. The rain didn´t cancel the airshow, but many of the visitors decided to leave the airfield and go home. It was a pity, because the rain was not lasting long and those who left missed, for example, the great aerobatic display by Petr Kopfstein. Those who decided to stay until the end of the flying programme were also able to see the static display with the great light conditions. ´There’s always sunshine after the storm´, the adage says, and this proved itself true during the Helicopter Show.

There’s always sunshine after the storm – and it really was there.


For the past few years the Helicopter Show is organized together with the Rally Show – the motorsport event arranged at the Czech Ring circuit, located next to the airfield. The visitors may attend both events with the same ticket and this allows them to spend the whole day at the great adrenaline show on the ground and in the air – the Rally Show starts in the morning, offering several interesting contests during the whole day, and the main flying programme of the Helicopter Show starts in the afternoon.

Not only the aircrafts were flying that day… – Rally Show.

At the Rally Show circuit motorsport has many different faces.


At the Rally Show there is an opportunity to see several race cars on the circuit track, drift and off-road shows (including the off-road trucks), service area and car tuning. The visitors may also buy a ride in the race or rally car, off-road truck or a helicopter sightseeing flight. During the related side act, named Auto Salon Show, the local car dealers are showing their current offer with the test drive possibility.

The 2017 edition of the Helicopter Show offered the interesting day at the Hradec Kralove airfield, together with the Rally Show it was the amazing event, especially for the boys of all age. The next edition of both shows was already announced for 11th and 12th May 2018, with the professional day on Friday and the open public airshow on Saturday.

The show is over – W-3WA Sokół at the parking position.

The activity at the multiple car collision site included also the helicopter fire fighting.

Mi-171Sch Czech Air Force during the SAR display.

The sky over the collision site was full of the rescue helicopters.

Bo 105C aerobatic display.