An enjoyable aviation picnic for all – Aeroklub Jaroměř Open Day 2018.

A month ago, after three years from the last visit, the Airshowinfo team called upon the Jaroměř airfield at the opportunity of the open doors event organized there.

The annual Open Day at the local aeroclub airfield in Jaroměř is usually combined with the Children´s Day and apart from the typical aviation-related experiences the variety of children-focused attractions can be found there, because not only the aviation fans are welcomed at the airfield that day. True to its name, the event is widely open to the public. The airfield visitors may learn there about the operation of the aeroclub, chat with the pilots or become more familiar with the aircrafts as there is a possibility to see them from the close distance and even try how it feels to seat in the cockpit.


General view of the airfield, with the Z-226 T trainer aircraft and the static display in the backgound.

Morane-Saulnier type BB.

In the aviation fan view, the most important are, of course, the flying displays – so even though it’s just the local aeroclub event, the programme of the show promised several interesting aircrafts to be seen there, even though there were no jets or other military aircrafts participating in the Open Day this year.

At the beginning of the programme, the airfield belonged to the modellers and the spectators could see the variety of the scale radio-controlled models, including the aerobatics specials, World War I and World War II military aircrafts and a range of modern aircrafts. Although those were just the scale models, many of them performed impressive displays, entertaining the visitors during the morning and early afternoon.

The modeller and his model airplane (Extra 330SC).

The main point of the Open Day agenda started at 15:00 hours and provided almost two hours of various flying displays, including the ultralight aircrafts, gliders, aerobatics specials, Robinson R-22 helicopter, paragliding and parachutists.

One of the intriguing and somehow surprising shows was the performance of the Great War Flying Circus – the group of modellers flying the 1:3 scale models in a World War I spectacle. This display also combined the ground scenery (with reduction models of truck, FT-17 tank and the battlefield) with the dogfights and ground attacks, all those supported by the pyrotechnics effects.  There were moments when it looked so real, that only the sound of the model aircrafts kept the watchers aware that those were not the real aircrafts. This dynamic show could easily be a part of any other ´regular´ airshow, but surely it excels during such local performances, if the spectators could be relatively close to the display area and see all the details.

Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a.

A few references to the Great War could be also noticed among the regular flying displays. First, there were two replicas of the famous World War I fighter airplanes – the Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a and the Fokker Dr. I ´Dreidecker´. Both aircrafts performed the impressive dogfight display, bringing back the one of the duels that could be seen during the last year of the Great War. This pair of aircraft was followed by another World War I replica – observation aircraft Morane-Saulnier type BB, in solo display.

Hunting the S.E. 5a – Fokker Dr. I ´Dreidecker´.

Fokker Dr. I ´Dreidecker´.

The World War II era was represented by two liaison aircraft replicas – Fieseler Fi 156 ´Storch´ and Piper L4H. And, in addition, there was also something from the interwar period: the replica of the classic 1920s training aircraft, Klemm L 25H.

Another training aircraft that could be seen in the flying display was merging together the 1930s, World War II and the post-war era (plus, additionally, the present age). That was the replica of Aero C-104, the post-war development of Aero C-4 trainer – which was, on the other hand, the variant of Bücker Bü 131B, produced in Czechoslovakia during the war. The replica was built in 1:1 scale, using the original Walter Minor 4-III engine. And it is worth noting, that this was a marvellous display.

Piper L4H.

Aero C-104.

The aerobatics shows happen to be the most visitor-attracting displays at any aviation event and there was no exception in Jaroměř. First, there was an excellent solo aerobatics display performed by Jiří Pospíšil with Zlín Z-50LX, then, at the end of the show, there was a show flown by the Flying Bulls, the famous Czech aerobatics group, which is based at the Jaromer airfield. Their spectacular display was the final point of the flying displays programme during the 2018 edition of the Open Day in Jaroměř.

The Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team.

The Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team.

Most of the aircrafts flying the displays were also available at the static display, before and after their flying performances. Additionally, a few more airplanes and gliders were exhibited at the airfield, including Grunau Baby IIb glider and Zlín Z-42 M and Z-226 T trainers.

Grunau Baby IIb.

Aero C-104.

Certainly, for the frequent airshow visitor such aeroclub event would not be considered so exciting and stunning as the large, commercial or military show – that, however, isn’t to say it would be boring. During more than two hours of the dynamic displays the spectators could see several interesting performances, including the professional airplane aerobatics. The flying replicas managed to create the vibe of the two world wars and the interwar period, there was also the excellent possibility for watching some gliders, GA and ultralight aircrafts, that usually are not a part of commercial airshows.

The Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team.

Most importantly, the open doors event created the perfect possibility to send the whole day at the aeroclub airfield, not only for the aviation fans but mostly for the lay public that is not so familiar with the aviation. During that day anyone could learn about the aeroclub activities, see the aircrafts, the airfield background, the event made the way to understand that the aeroclub airfield is not a closed area behind the fence, where just a few chosen ones are having fun with their expensive toys and making disturbing noise. It was the perfect wat to realize that the aviation doesn´t mean only the jet fighters and huge airliners but there are many other ways to enjoy it and the aeroclub activities are among those ways that are available for (almost) everyone.

Jiří Pospíšil during his aerobatic display (Zlín Z-50LX).

The Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team.

Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a.

There are many different ways how to enjoy flying…