Great event for little (and big) kids – Open Doors day at Jaroměř, Czech Republic.

When we think about an airshow, usually what comes to our mind is a huge (and costly) event, tens of thousands of people visiting the place and dozens of the aircrafts in the air and on the ground. This is partially true as most of the reports we share are from those fabulous airshows all over the world.

However, we cannot forget about many small local airshows organized by aeroclubs and about all that efforts that its members make for the local communities. Usually on non-profit base and with real passion for the aviation.

At those local shows the spectators can hardly see any modern military jet fighters or the famous demo teams. But does it mean that those shows are boring? Certainly, they are not. First of all, the main goal of such events is to make the local community more familiar with the aviation and the functions of the aeroclub. It is possible to visit the local airfield with the whole family including children and for some people this could be the only opportunity to see the airfield and get to know about the local aeroclub activities. Most of the visitors are not that kind of the aviation fans we could meet during the big airshows – discussing every single manoeuvre of the new demo display or technical details of the aircraft. They hardly could recognize the aircraft type or role, but is this really that important to enjoy the show?

The different goal of the local airshows doesn´t mean they are not attractive for the more experienced aviation fans. As an example, here is a short report from Jaroměř, a small city in the Czech Republic. Every year the ´Doors Open´ day is organized there, together with the Children´s Day event.

And it was the Children´s Day that started the programme there. The children could spend time at the various activities and plays organized for them at the airfield. All of them, including both little and big ones, could also watch the displays of the RC models – and they were really eye-catching and attractive.

The static display was a foretaste what we could expect in the afternoon, and the most visitor-attracting aircraft on the static display was the Bell AH-1S Cobra helicopter.

The flying displays started in the afternoon and if someone thought that the flying display during such local event would be only about the General aviation and gliders, he would be really surprised. The show started with ´Fifteen at fifteen (hours)´ – the recently restored MiG-15 UTI jet flying display. During the next two hours the mix of the various aircraft followed and most of them could be a value addition to more famous airshow: Avia BH-1, AH-1S Cobra, Bucker (CASA) 1.131, Aero Ae-145, Beechcraft T-34 Mentor with the addition of  Flying Bulls Aerobatic Team display.

Unfortunately, the most annoying factor was – again – the weather. The day started with the blue sky but with every hour there were more and more clouds, even with few raindrops just before the flying displays began. Nevertheless, everyone there was enjoying the show and even the weather couldn´t spoil the day.

There is nothing more to say other than to express our appreciation to the organizers for all their efforts that made this local show so attractive.