Lion Effort 2015 – summary.

The third edition of the international flying exercise Lion Effort 2015 is already completed. The exercise, organized every three years by nations associated in the Gripen Users Group, took place in 21st Tactical Air Force Base in Caslav, Czech Republic.

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The 2015 edition participants were Czech, Hungarian and Swedish Air Forces, with the Royal Thai Air Force participating as an observer. The Gripen aircrafts were flying COMAO and SHADOW missions, with the support of NATO AWACS aircraft, Polish and German jet fighters and a tanker.

The exercise director Lieutenant Colonel Jaroslav Mika has attended the press conference organized on 22nd May 2015 at the celebration of Gripen Decade anniversary, sharing some statistical data summarizing the exercise.

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During the exercise 219 missions were flown with 320 hours spent in the air. All aircrafts have completed the exercise without any breakdown.

The only accident happened with the Hungarian two-seat Gripen that overshot the runway while arriving Caslav AFB and halted in the meadow. Both pilots managed to eject without any injuries.

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During the Gripen Decade anniversary on 22nd May, the arrow formation of 10 Czech, Hungarian and Swedish Gripens has performed a flypast over the Caslav runway.

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