The Day at the Races – Red Bull Air Race, Lausitzring (part two).

If you enjoyed the report from the Red Bull Air Race at Lausitzring, here comes the second part, with less words and more pictures. Let´s go back to the race track once again and meet the Air Race pilots and their crews a bit closer.

There would be no Air Race without all the hard work of the entire team –  Hannes Arch Racing 22 team.

One of the last photos of Hannes Arch, four days after the race at Lausitzring he died in the helicopter crash.

In the hangar of Breitling Racing Team (Nigel Lamb).

Nigel Lamb – the winner of the qualification, with the fastest lap time and the total run time of 53.110 seconds. This was also the fastest run time of the Lausitzring race, both Qualification Round and all race rounds the next day.

The final preparations on Yoshihide Muroya´s airplane.

In the hangar of Team Goulian.

It seems that all is ready for the race in the Matthias Dolderer Racing team…

…so there is time for some fun in the hangar.

The Challenger Class race begins.

The Challenger Class race.

And there is the time for the race – Nigel Lamb´s MX-R on the way to the technical control stand.

Petr Kopfstein, the qualification run.

Peter Podlunšek, the qualification run.

The Qualification race, François Le Vot.

The heavy shower before the Round of 14 – Bo 105 helicopter comes to help with the removing the water from the runway.

Nicolas Ivanoff takes-off for the Round of 14.

And flying the rainy Round of 14.

Nicolas Ivanoff, Round of 8.

Peter Podlunšek was flying the Round of 14 versus Matt Hall…

…and the Australian pilot was the winner.

Matt Hall before the take-off.

Matt Hall flying the High G Turn.

During the 2016 season Yoshihide Muroya was fighting mainly with the G-force.

Yoshihide Muroya, the Qualificaton race. 

Yoshihide Muroya completes the Heat 4 of Round of 14 with another DNF.

Juan Velarde, Round of 14.

Nigel Lamb, Round of 14. The qualification leader was knocked out by Martin Šonka, both pilots received the penalty in this round.

Kirby Chambliss, Round of 8.

Pete McLeod, after the Final 4 race.

And the “local hero”, Matthias Doldrer, is taking-off for the Round of 14. The German pilot wanted to win the home race, but the victory was stolen by Matt Hall.

Matthas Dolderer, the Round of 8.

Matthias Dolderer, after the Final 4 race.

The press conference on Saturday, from left to right: John DiMatteo – Race Director, Nigel Lamb, Matthias Dolderer, Luke Czepiela.

Luke Czepiela, the Polish pilot of Challenger Class.


The first part of the report is available here: Red Bull Air Race – Lausitzring