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Thank your for your kind donation for Airshowinfo. With your help, we are one step closer to reach our goal: to provide more and more information to You about different international airshows you interested.

Your help will allow us to continue our work, to make different kind of small developments which are very important!

 Our Goals for 2019:

[accordion_father type=”collapsible”][accordion_son title=”To create a brand new airshow photograpgy page”]

Create a constantly updating gallery with our best photos about airshow events and general aviation spotting. We always do our best to share the best photo and video content for you and our great photographer team now would get it’s own surface where you could be able to browse airshow photos from the actual year and of course from the past until the 2000s and 1990s…

[/accordion_son][accordion_son title=”To expand our hosting and solve our resource shortage problem to make our website as fast as possible.”]

Sometimes it’s a really hard task to develop our website, becaouse Airshowinfo has exacerbated the current environment. We have our page in two languages with an advanced and modern news and short news portal, its the current hosting service is provides just enough resources. Sometimes its crashing becaouse of the big content or if lots of visitors surfing on the website in one time. But we also can’t grow can’t create another pages and new content, and hard to create our airshow information pages with a lack of power on the server.

[/accordion_son][accordion_son title=”Make a brand new kind of airshow schedule page with even more information aviable on the schedule page.”]

One of the most important part of our development is always the airshow section. This part of the upcoming development is also have paramount importance. We would like to create a new schedule page where you can find more information about events without airshow-info page as well in much more spectacular and more transparent. Of course the airshow information pages will be the part of the website after that, where you can find participant informations, programs etc, as always.. But if everything would happen in the right way, we would be able to increase the number of these info pages too and you could find information about more events in the future not only from Europe.

[/accordion_son][accordion_son title=”Make also our work easier to be able to create content in larger number.”]

This thing is important to make more and more content. We detailed above what kind of developments would be necessary. These new things would allow us to work with a better system and make content even faster and easier. In this way some of the processes can be achieved in a shorter time and thanks to that, we can spend this time to make content in larger number.


This €800 goal allow us to work and stay alive until February 2021. But we hope it’s only the beginning and we will have sponsors and maybe advertising clients too in the future who would be satisfied with our great numbers. But before this journey, we need to start something new with Your help.


But all in all, our main goal is no other than to provide the informations you need so far as usual, for your satisfaction!



Thank you!

 Peter Ivanyi – Airshowinfo Leader